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Welcome to AZ ASCD – the premier professional organization for educators in the state of Arizona. 

AZ ASCD is the Arizona affiliate of ASCD International that works to bring the expertise and resources of ASCD and apply them to challenges and opportunities we are facing locally.  We bring teachers, administrators, higher education faculty, and others who are committed to education together for professional development offerings, networking events, sharing of research, and advocacy. 

 We invite each of you to check our website regularly for updates, to attend events offered by the affiliate, to volunteer your time and talents through membership in the affiliate and on our various committees, and to contact us when you have questions and concerns. 

Our mission of facilitating learner success by providing educators with leadership and support can only be accomplished with your involvement.

Stay tuned for updates on the ASCD/ISTE merger!

AZ ASCD is an affiliate of ASCD who is merging with ISTE! We will be changing the format of the organization in the upcoming months and will be providing updates on our progress to our new look. We are also looking at how the ISTE organization AzTEA can partner with us to provide top-quality professional learning events.

Find out more about AzTEA and their offerings by visiting their website!

For more information about AZASCD, please email

4894 W. Sunset Rd. 

Tucson, AZ 85743

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