Dr. Ali Conant holds a terminal degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on educating diverse populations and families through critical literacies.  With over 20 years as an elementary school teacher, curriculum director, coach, and educator advocate in two states, she brings a unique and real view of today’s struggles and triumphs as an educator.  Utilizing her master’s degree in Community Mental health, Dr. Conant’s focus is to bridge the gap between students’ in need and family dynamics. She is passionate about creating successful learning environments for all children and their families.  

Ali is a National Board Certified Teacher and currently an Assistant Clinical Professor with Northern Arizona University in the College of Education overseeing three extended campus teacher preparation programs throughout diverse regions of AZ. She is also a proud National Writing Project Fellow; Arizona Master Teacher; Vice-President of the Literacy Association of Northern Arizona (LANA); and is a board member for Read on Prescott.

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