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AZ ASCD Teacher Leader Institute

*Principals are strongly-encouraged to attend the first session (FREE) with their teacher leaders. 

“Within every school, there is a sleeping giant of teacher leadership that can be a strong catalyst for making change.” (Katzenmeyer and Moller, 2001)

Skilled teachers have the power to make a real difference in the lives of students; but those who demonstrate leadership skills within the field are able to make an even greater impact. Teachers leaders who learn to translate their successful classroom practices into a shared vision can help drive the school, the district or even the industry forward. This course will support Arizona K-12 teachers who desire to invest, influence, and inspire their peers; (no official leadership title needed) and will develop the skills necessary to transition from leading their own classrooms to leading adult peers in both formal and informal ways.

This course will provide teacher leaders with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to champion a school culture that empowers all teachers to take charge of their professional learning and growth and build capacity to address instructional practices that lead to student success.

September 16, 2024 - DAY 1:  Understanding the Roles and Goals of Teacher Leadership
*Principals are strongly encouraged to attend this first session with their teacher leaders.

Teacher leaders assume a wide range of roles to support school and student success. This session will unpack those roles and clarify the goals of this work. Participants will engage in rich dialogue around this topic and develop detailed goals specific and relevant to their particular school sites.

November 14, 2024 - DAY  2: Navigating difficult peer relationships 

Let’s face it. Peer relationships can be difficult, even in the best of times. This session will tackle this tricky topic and lead participants to unpack what it looks like to connect with differing personalities, employ conflict resolution strategies, engage in difficult conversations, and encourage teamwork with there is no “team.”

January 13, 2025 - DAY 3: Leading Professional Learning Communities 

Leading grade level teams, department meetings, and/or PLC’s requires a specific set of skills. During this session, participants will practice the art of facilitating meetings in ways that lead to positive productivity. We’ll take a deep look at PLC’s and refine our vision of this work.

February 24, 2025 - DAY 4: Teacher Leaders as Peer Coaches 

The most difficult skill of teacher leadership can often be peer coaching. What does this look like and sound like? This session will do a deep dive into the topic of coaching. Participants will engage in “mock” coaching conversations and hone their conversation skills.

April 14, 2025 - DAY 5: Moving Forward as a Teacher Leader

Teachers can and should lead from the classroom. What does this look like and sound like? This session will put our learning together and will launch teacher leaders with a personal plan of action. Participants will engage in planning for the upcoming year, and will learn strategies for establishing and executing their teacher leadership plan of action.  

3 Additional hour-long virtual check ins will be scheduled throughout the Institute and date/time will be determined and announced.

Onsite Meeting Location:

Gilbert Public Schools Professional Growth Classrooms

Building F, Cactus Room

140 S. Gilbert Rd.

Gilbert, AZ 85296

- $995/participant*
*Meals and Lodging not included

Courtyard by Marriott - (480)351-7088
Four Points Sheraton - (480)579-2100
*Rates range from $89.00 to $139.00 plus tax

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